Facial Massage

Some problems with skin such as spots, wrinkles, sagging, pores etc. are various.

So we propose a course suitable for your needs such as skin quality and troubles at massage shop SAKURA.

We will provide support from various angles so that customers can approach beautiful we want to be

Our staff counselling before the massage. after confirming the condition of your skin, your problem, suggest a course that suits you. We will support your problem solving your skin.


1 We have Counseling for the massage first

(staff choose product for your skin problem)


2 Make -up off

( Eyelash extension,False eyelashes, Botox injection, plastic surgery,etc…Please tell us the time)


3 Facial massage with organic oil

(Lift up, Helping for Wrinkle, Slack, Sagging, Nasolabial, décolletage(neck line), increase metabolism. make firm , tight , Glowing skin) It’s little bit strong pot pressure, but change face line after this!



4 Vitamine or Collagen Mask

Strong Australia sunshine and arid climate make get damage,make large pores, then skin easy getting old. After cleansing , reaction of skin  by massage, It’s easy put in  penetrate nutrients of Vitamin and collagen.  It’s make keep smooth your skin, and This mask provide keep large amount moisture.

5 estenad sonic Macine